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We're helping create a future where artificial intelligence is a ubiquitous part of everyday life.

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Machine learning has grown increasingly capable in the last 10 years. ML models can now recognize images, transcribe audio, and interpret text. It has valuable applications across industries from health care and insurance to agriculture and self driving cars. Machine learning will fundamentally change how people do work in the next 10 years.

But it's still hard to do ML! And it's even harder to get an ML product running in production: teams need to build ad-hoc tooling from scratch and need to hire specialized talent that's hard to come by. As a result, only large companies have the infrastructure to successfully deploy ML products into production.

Aquarium wants to give everyone the same world-class ML tooling that big companies already have access to. We want to enable domain experts to build and deploy models without specialized ML expertise, making it easier to build and improve real-world ML products.

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