Our mission is to democratize access to machine learning.

Aquarium is democratizing access to machine learning by giving practitioners everywhere access to the same powerful tooling that was previously only available to sophisticated tech giants. We think setting up a production machine learning pipeline should be easy!

Software is Changing

In the past, we built applications by thoroughly defining correct behavior and carefully transcribing them into code. While sometimes error-prone, this approach was both effective and intuitive.

Today, we want to solve problems that are so vast and complex, we could never list out all the right behavior. These problems include identifying people in every possible picture, understanding sentences that have never been spoken before, or translating between languages. So we stopped trying to explicitly program for these problems.

Instead, we teach by example.

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Data Visualisation

How We Help

There are endless potential examples to label and train a model with, but finite budgets and training time.

We provide a software platform to help understand a model's failure modes and identify the most informative examples, so you're always improving your model as efficiently as possible.

Let's improve your models