Peer inside the black box

The best way to improve your model is to improve the data it's trained on. Aquarium makes it easy to understand and curate your data so your model just gets better!

Understand your data with your own eyes

Visualize raw data, labels, and model inferences, see aggregate statistics, and query for critical slices. Understand your data and the patterns within it.
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    Let your model tell you where to look

    Aquarium sifts through massive datasets and focuses your attention on the most problematic cases. Sort examples by loss to uncover labeling errors and analyze model embeddings to find patterns of model failures.
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    Find the right data to label next

    Trawl through unlabeled datasets and find rare examples with similarity search, then submit the data to your labeling provider with the click of a button. Get the most model improvement for the lowest labeling cost.
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      Track issues and make sure they're fixed

      Group problematic datapoints into issues. Share issues with teammates to discuss how to handle them. Take the proper corrective action to resolve these issues. Verify that issues are fixed after your model is retrained. All without leaving Aquarium.
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      Collaboration through great cloud software

      Access datasets from anywhere. Share live links to interesting datapoints. View experiment results from teammates and compare them to your own. Track changes to your datasets and your models over time.
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