Better models
through better data

Aquarium is an ML data management platform that helps
you improve your models by improving your datasets.

World-class ML teams trust Aquarium
Histogram of metadata in a dataset generated by Aquarium

Data, data, everywhere

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    Supports image, 3D, audio, and text data
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    Supports common tasks like classification, detection, and segmentation
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    Scales to millions of labeled and unlabeled datapoints
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    Integrates into external + in-house labeling providers
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    Enterprise-grade data security protections
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“There are two ways Aquarium provides value to my company. First, we improved our model performance. Second, I spent less time and less clicks curating my dataset."

Tom Shapland
Co-founder and CEO

Move faster by working together

  • Discuss interesting edge cases with team members
  • Share model performance reports with stakeholders
  • Compare performance of different models
  • Track issues and resolutions as you train new models
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“With Aquarium, we are more confident that we’re consistently delivering good models.”

Dr. Dan Grollman, Senior Engineer
Page with problematic datapoints found with Aquarium

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