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    The Platform For ML Data Curation

    Aquarium's embedding technology surfaces the biggest problems in your model performance and finds the right data to solve them.
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    Improve Your Models 10x Faster

    Embedding Infrastructure

    Generating and indexing high-quality embeddings can be challenging and costly without the right infrastructure. Aquarium provides an end-to-end solution for embedding generation, processing, and querying.

    Automatically Surface Issues

    Aquarium automatically surfaces the most critical errors in your model performance and provides a visual user interface for users to inspect and collaborate on the best course of action to solve these errors.

    Streamlined Data Collection

    ML teams can easily collect more examples of specific objects or scenarios across large pools of labeled and unlabeled data, making it easier to find the right subset of data to collect and improve their models.

    Customer Stories

    "Aquarium has allowed us to quickly and effectively ramp up projects that would have otherwise been incredibly difficult and time consuming."

    Joe Castagneri, Head of AI, AMP Robotics

    Supported Data Types

    2D Object Detection
    3D Object Detection

    Aquarium For Enterprise


    Scalability and reliability

    The more data you have, the more value we offer. Aquarium reliably scales to datasets containing hundreds of millions of datapoints.


    Data security

    Aquarium is SOC2 Type 2 certified. We also offer Anonymous Mode for organizations who want to use Aquarium without exposing any sensitive data.


    Hands-on support

    Aquarium offers solutions engineering resources, customer success syncs, and user training to help customers get to value.

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